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We are top executive search firm made up of former executives with impressive connections within the business community. Our many years of experience managing a top 10 company. Along with recruiting some of the best companies in the world Give our clients the experience and credibility of recruiting top experts.

What we do

Increase your exposure to the candidate market through online and offline networks.
Accelerate sourcing and screening through multiple networks.
We research the prospective client and any rumors or concerns in the marketplace that could impact future recruiting efforts.
As we begin to receive resumes, we review the professional background of candidates to determine if they should move forward in the process. We also follow-up with the candidates to gather more information.

Super promotion

$ 900/per month
3 professionals who can supervise other employees and 10 general employees.
5 temporary employees
$ 1500/per month
5 professionals who can supervise other employees and 10 general employees.
10 temporary employees


Market Knowledge
Reach to both active and passive talents
Professional screening and interviewing

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Cristian Lioton
Malina Chimafo
Oskaito Puerwikon
Senior HR Specialist
Evan Toobanon

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We are in the business of service and human resources. Our strengths and values stem from the talents of the people we employ and grow. We cultivate respect and transparency to build trust between team members. We believe in the balance between work and life. including allocating recreation time for you regardless of age and status by joining us, you are involved in an award-winning and reliable company of quality.

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